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X Max V2 Pro Review

The X Max V2 Pro is another portable vaporizer becoming popular to vape fanatics. Although, it’s shaped like a far sharpie pen, the X max V2 Pro is three times bigger if you will compare it to an e-cigarette pen. So, let’s take a closer look on what this vaping tool has to offer, particularly for an individual who really wants to experience top quality vapor production that’s within a reasonable budget.

X Max V2 Pro – Oven Capacity

When we talk about oven capacity this refers on how efficient the vaporizer can load material into the oven. The X Max V2 Pro has a ceramic made oven that is quite spacious with oven capacity of .2 – .3 grams of your preferred ground flower. The oven works through conduction heating. If you want to get optimum vapor production, better load the oven fully.

X Max V2 Pro – Vapor Path

For those of you who have used many vaporizers, you might find the X Max V2 Pro vapor path to have short vapor path. The moment you used this vaporizer, the vapor path initially starts with the oven and straight to the chosen mouthpiece, either glass or silicone. In fact, this vaping tool doesn’t even allow more time for the vapor to cool a bit, which could be very inconvenient to the user. If you want to get quality vapor, cycle first the X Max V2 Pro to its highest temperature setting prior usage, so that all the unsightly smell of gaskets and electronics during the production will be eliminated.

X Max V2 Pro – Vapor Quality

As a vape enthusiast, we all want a top performing vaporizer that will produce the best vapor quality that will not only be concentrated on the vapor produced, but also on the flavor and overall smoothness. If you are just getting used to this new found recreational activity, you may find the X Max V2 Pro an excellent vaporizer because it has the capacity to produce quality vapor production even if you are using a water pipe. For your pure satisfaction while using this particular vaporizer model, be sure to select the highest temperature setting. If you have oil rigs, you can pair it along with the X Max V2 Pro for filtration purposes and greater comfort when setting it higher temperature setting. Just one piece of advice, this vaporizer isn’t designed for concentrates because it will just melt the material into cotton fiber and produce a lesser flavor. X Max V2 Pro will be more efficient in producing good flavor on dry herbs.

X Max V2 Pro – Temperature Setting and Operation

When it comes to operating the X Max V2 Pro, this vaporizer has easy operational setting. All you have to do is tap the power button five times to turn it on. The unit comes with 5 LED found on the side and you will know the present level of the battery based on the light that will glow. For example, if you see a single LED glowing, it means the battery level is 1-5. When the vaporizer is on, you need to press and hold the power button for at least 2 second to cycle to proceed to the next temperature setting. Here is a quick guide on the X Max V2 Pro temperature setting:

  • Low setting – 356F
  • Medium Low – 374F
  • Medium – 392F
  • Medium High – 410F
  • High – 428F

The only downside I see on this vaporizer is you need to repetitively click the button and hold it to get the desired temperature setting which could be tiring at time, especially if you want to get the most your vaping session.

X Max V2 Pro – Portability and Built

When we say portability, it refers on how handy it can be while you travel. Although, it’s mentioned in this review that the X max V2 Pro comes in the shape of a pen, it’s still quite bulky if you will compare it with other portable vaporizers like the Firefly 2 and Haze V3.

As for the overall built, the X Max V2 Pro is quite similar to a pen e-cigarette, but bigger in size which can draw attention if you will keep it inside your pocket. Aside from that, with its larger size than a traditional pen e-cig, you can be easily noticed if you opt to use it in public places.

X Max V2 Pro – Battery Life and Charging Timeframe

This is a crucial feature that you should not overlook when buying your first vape kit, the battery life and charging timeframe. The X Max V2 Pro uses replaceable batteries, so if you are somewhere where you don’t have the luxury to charge it, you can just replace it with your spare batteries and go ahead with your vaping session without interruption. This vaporizer can be charged with a mini USB that you can plug directly to a USB port. It also comes with a power adapter for your charging requirement. The X Max V2 Pro guaranteed approximately 45 to 60 minutes of usage from the battery. The charging time requires at least 2 hours to get a full battery which I think has slow charging timeframe before you can use it again.

X Max V2 Pro – Warranty Coverage

This vaporizer comes with 6 months warranty coverage from its manufacturer against factory defects on materials and craftsmanship after date of purchase. The warranty excludes batteries, buttons and parts of the X Max V2 Pro that are prone to wear and tear while in use.

X Max V2 Pro – Accessories

The X Max V2 Pro comes with a starter pro vaporizer unit, 1 battery, loading tool, cleaning tool, screen replacement, concentrate bullet, charging cable and wall wart.

Final verdict

The X Max V2 Pro is a good choice for anyone planning to buy a starter vaporizer because it has the capacity to produce quality vapor, easy to operate, comes with accessories and covered with warranty that will protect you against manufacturer’s flaws.

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