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What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Herb vaporizing could be traced to ancient times, almost when humans were still uncivilized. Our ancestors would place dry herbs on heated rocks to create a vapor. As man evolved, new techniques of smoking marijuana were invented and even more are coming out. For years, herbs have been and are still saving lives. While most tobacco user may prefer to use an e-cigarette, marijuana smokers would prefer dry herbal vaporizers as a more respectful way of using cannabis.

Herbal vaporizers are becoming more and more popular, but many people still do not know how to use them, nor their benefits. Some may have had bad experiences using them, and some may have never tried it before. Nonetheless, we shall discuss what dry herb vaporizers are, their benefits, how they work, and what you need to know before you get your very first herbal vaporizer.

So what exactly is an herbal vaporizer?

An herbal vaporizer is an electronic device designed to allow consumers to enjoy medicinal cannabis products without inhaling harmful toxins. It extracts the active ingredients from cannabis products without burning them. With a vaporizer, the herbal products are heated to the point of vaporization, while avoiding combustion –  a rapid chemical combination that releases toxins. The vapors are inhaled for both medical and recreational purposes.

The Benefits of Herbal Vaporizers

Eliminates Smoke – With an herbal vaporizer, there is usually no throat burn, no smoke, no fumes, and other harmful stuff. Consumers with respiratory problems or those who are irritated by smoke will benefit from using vape because it doesn’t create smoke. It prevents consumers from inhaling about 95% of the harmful chemicals into their body, which could cause damage to the lungs. Switching from smoking to the use of vape will be very helpful to medical marijuana patients.  

Save your Cannabis – Burning of herbs may consume the whole material instantly but vaping helps conserve the cannabis products by heating with a much lower temperature. The heat only helps to extract the active ingredients; hence you can use one bowl of weed more than once.

It gives convenience: Dry herb vaporizers make it easy for the consumer to use their medicine. You can vape as you perform your daily tasks without worrying about smoke.

It allows you to monitor and control the temperature, dosage, and flavor.

Users are able to get the real taste of their cannabis. Unlike smoking, vaporizing retains more flavor of the herb in the vapor

Herbal vaporizers allow you to enjoy vapor discreetly. If you’re out in public, you can reduce the temperature to between 325 and 350 degrees F. While at home, you can go up to 375 to 400 degrees F. Although, anything close to 500 degrees would cause combustion which is almost the same as smoking a joint.

Types of Herbal Vaporizers

Desktop Herbal Vaporizers

These vaporizers are the big daddy, and they can be very costly ranging from $130 to $800. These vaporizers are temperature controlled and could be shared with friends. They have optional balloon attachments. To use, just plug the device into the outlet. Regulate the temperature, add the ground dry herbs and attach the balloon attachment if you like. Wait for about two minutes, and you’re all ready to vape.

Portable Herbal Vaporizer

These vaporizers vary among the manufacturing companies, but the core function is the same. It cost between $50 to $400. While some are temperature controlled, others aren’t, so you might want to consider this before purchasing one. To use, turn on the device and regulate the temperature to the desired heat. Open the chamber and add the ground herb. Close the chamber and inhale slowly.

Herbal Vape Pen

An herbal vape pen is the mother of discretion. Vape pens are easy to use. To use, turn it on by pressing the power button five times. Open the chamber and add the ground dry herbs to about 1/2 – to allow proper air flow. Click the power button, wait for about 3 – 5 seconds, and slowly enjoy the vape from the mouthpiece. Herbal vape pen can cost between $30 and $120.

Vapes Heating System

There are two main heating systems for dry herbal vaporizers – the convection and the conduction heating systems. A convection system heats the cannabis product with a warm air rather than a hot surface. This method of heating helps to reduce combustion, which gives a cleaner vapor.

Herbal vaporizers with a conduction system heat dry material against the surface of the chamber. Unlike the convection vape, a conduction device has faster heating which causes slight combustion. However, it creates a better flavor of the material.

How to use a Dry Herbal Vaporizer

One important thing to consider before buying a vaporizer is the ability to use it efficiently to achieve best results. Using a vaping device is pretty straightforward; from turning it on to maintaining the device. Regardless of the type of vaporizers you choose to use, they all follow almost the same procedure. Below are the simple steps on how to use a vape.

Turn on your device. Of course, the vaporizer won’t work until it is turned on; this is the first thing to do whenever you want to use your device. All you need do it to click the power button.  Some device may require you to press the power button 3 to 5 times consecutively. When it’s on, you’ll see a flicker.

Load the chamber and Heat up. After powering your device, the next thing is to add your ground cannabis product inside the chamber and close the mouthpiece. Excess herbs should not be loaded in the chamber, at most 3/4. Next is to set the temperature to the desired level, depending on the device and the kind of herb.

Slowly take a hit. Your device will display a different color when it is time to take a hit. Take a slow it; you don’t have to rush it. Happy vaping!

Choosing the Best Vaporizer

There are many things to consider when choosing the best dry herb vape pen that can meet your needs. Some of the top factors include:

Your Budget:

Of course, you’re not going to get the vaporizer for free, so you have to consider the amount of money you’re willing to spend for purchase. If you’re a beginner, a low-cost vape would be ideal to experiment how it feels like. There is an endless list of cheap and effective devices that can fit your budget.


This is another crucial factor to consider before getting a vape pen.  If you’re one of those that loves vaping while on the go, you need a device with stable battery life. Maybe batteries that are bigger than 2000mAh would do the trick but reading reviews would be very helpful in finding which vaporizers have good battery life.


If you’re comfortable with moving about with your vape pen, you don’t need a desktop vaporizer. You may want to consider the weight, size, and discretion. You can find many vape pens that are slim and lightweight to fit your pocket.

Vapor quality.

All vape devices are not made equal. Some produce huge clouds, and some don’t. Do research and read reviews to find the type that produces the kind of vapor quality that fits your style.


A vape pen with a warranty shows that the manufacturing company trusts their product and is willing to take full responsibility if it turns out faulty. Some vape pens come with six months to ten years warranty while some offer a lifetime warranty.


You’ll enjoy a long-term benefit when you take proper care of your device. Cleaning the vape pen regularly will extend its lifespan and maintain the vapor quality.

Some vaporizers do not support multiple cannabis materials. For instance, dry herbs will not vaporize in a wax pen. It is important to buy a device that is compatible with your preferred material, be it herb, wax, or e-liquid. Or if you want, you can simply get a device that supports more than one type of material.

Vapers usually get what they pay for. Investing in a good device will give you a better experience. Devices with advanced features like stronger batteries, quality heating systems, etc. will cost more money. However, not all expensive devices are worth the price.


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