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Tutorial Guide on Cleaning Vaporizers

It can be a big financial investment to purchase a high quality herb pen, so you should know this tutorial guide on cleaning vaporizers. The number one rule in keeping your vaporizer producing delicious draws every time is to keep the unit clean. All vapes are made from different materials and sometimes a combination of materials. Since each manufacturing material has a slightly different cleaning protocol it’s imperative to follow specific steps to properly maintaining your vaporizer.

Vaporizing dry herbs or concentrates will create a sticky residue that I refer to as resin. This resin gums up the functionality of the piece and can also be harmful to your health if consistently inhaled. Keeping the piece clean is necessary. Here are some basics to help you get started on keeping a pristine vaporizer.


Cleaning your Vaporizer Herbal Chamber

In order to clean your weed vape properly you’re going to need to be familiar in every single aspect of the unit. Generally the part of the piece that needs to be cleaned most frequently is the chamber where you put the product being vaped, whether that be dry herb or concentrates, and the air pathway to the mouth where the heated vapors travel. Keeping cleaning liquids away from the heating element can maintain their ability to safely heat your product.

Unscrew all of the components of your vaporizer unit and separate them. Identify what type of materials they’re made of in order to help you identify how to clean each. Some pieces will only need to be quickly wiped down and disinfected. For example, wipe down the commonly pushed buttons and outer shell of the piece to kill germs. That should be all that is necessary for those components.


Accessories for Cleaning

There are techniques that you can use to clean your individual vape parts but there are also worthwhile accessories on the market to help you clean the piece more efficiently. In most instances the hard to reach places can be cleaned out by soaking, but for the real nooks and crannies of the vape you can use the following tools.

Pipe Cleaners

We all remember doing arts and crafts with them, but the name actually implies the true meaning. These little worm-like supplies can really get into all of the small but dirty areas of your vaporizer. They bend and shape to the type of piece that you have and have an abrasive quality that can remove the most stubborn of resin. They’re also ridiculously cheap, you can get a full pack for mere dollars. Grabbing some pipe cleaners to help you along in the rough spots will have you looking at an always clean vaporizer unit.

Grime Stix

If a Q-Tip had a cleaning solution reservoir in its stem then it would be one of the Grime Stix. These little wonders really do the trick. You simply snip one end of the Stix and the alcohol cleaning solution will come out of the other side. Once it is released you swipe it against the chamber or other alcohol friendly surface and clean out every last bit of leftover material and resin. Just be sure to check with the manufacturing materials before applying alcohol.


What Do I Use To Clean My Vaporizer?

There are many different types of cleaning products on the market for vaporizer pieces even varied to the specific types of pieces available. This is where knowing your unit comes into play, do not apply certain cleaning products to specific materials as it will degrade the quality. Always be sure to thoroughly rinse or wipe all vape pieces before vaporizing again after soaking or cleaning.

90-99% Isopropyl Alcohol

This is the easiest for you to acquire as it is sold at all local drug stores for a pretty frugal price. You can use a towel or Q-tip soaked in alcohol to wipe away residue from specific pieces of the unit. If you can’t scrape away the residue you can always soak the pieces in alcohol for up to a day and then wipe away the now loosened resin. Never soak or wipe plastic parts with alcohol, it will eat away at the product.

Zeus Purify Cleaning Kit

This is the only option for cleaning plastics outside of warmed water. Zeus’s is an alkaline based solution so it’s able to be used on all materials without any degradation. It contains absolutely no flammable or alcohol based cleaning products. If your piece is made of quite a bit of plastic then this is the cleaner for you, if it isn’t then I would stick with alcohol and acetone based products for a more thorough clean.

Randy’s Incredible Black Label Cleaner

Randy’s is acetone based and can be used to clean ceramic, glass and metal. You can use it the same way that you would use alcohol, either wipe away or soak the pieces in it. Once again don’t use plastic in this regard. Be sure to thoroughly shake the bottle before pouring any out, it needs to be shaken quite a bit to be fully mixed together.


How Do I Clean Certain Pieces?

There are different vapes for flower, concentrates and oils and each calls for a slightly different cleaning regimen.

The Battery

Try not to apply water or liquids to your battery. It is smart to disinfect so apply a very small amount of alcohol to a cloth and wipe down the battery and common buttons then wipe again with a moist towel. That should stop germs from griming your battery. You can check for any residue on the part of the battery that is adjacent to the chamber and wipe down the teeth.

Herb Chambers

Dry herbs are sometimes heated with a stovetop style coil and ceramic chamber, if this is the case use Grime Stix or a Q-Tip dipped in cleaner to get the insides of the chamber. Do not apply any cleaner to the stovetop heating coil directly. When cleaning, try to flip it upside down and clean it out.

If your piece uses convection baskets then simply remove them from your vape unit and soak them in cleaner until the residue falls away when wiped. Rinse thoroughly.

Wax and Concentrate Chambers

Wipe away any residues with a Q-Tip, do not apply any alcohol to the inside of the tank. Do not touch the coil or wick in the chamber.

Oil Tanks

Use a completely dry q-tip to wipe away any residues on the glass sides of the tank. You can clean it water by dumping out the e-liquid and pouring water in it. Dump it out and let it dry so you can pour your liquid back in.


If it is plastic or rubber I’d recommend boiling the mouthpiece. However if you’re using metal or glass, simply soak in alcohol and then wipe away residue and rinse thoroughly.


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