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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

pinnacle pro vaporizer review

pinnacle pro portable vaporizerThe Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is one of the industry’s hottest vaporizers. Born from the VaporBlunt brand, the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is everything it should be as a portable dry herb vaporizer and compact unit. However, this is the second attempt from VaporBlunt to get the portable vaporizer thing down. The first attempt was the VaporBlunt Classic. Needless to say, VaporBlunt received quite a few complaints about the heating element. Previously, the Classic Pinnacle Vaporizer did not offer customized heating settings or a heating element that brought it’s A game in regards to temperature. So, VaporBlunt took to the drawing board and began working on a new and improved way of bringing the heating coil element up to par.

After a few adjustments and after implementing several new technological improvements, the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer finally reached the appropriate temperature settings necessary to secure a solid vape. In addition to the heating element, the Pinnacle Pro has had several other amazing features added to its body and build. These include, but are not limited to, an easy to understand button system and improved functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at what improvements the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer has been blessed with, and what these improvements could mean for you should you opt to purchase this device.

How the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Works

We already briefly mentioned that the Pinnacle Pro from VaporBlunt is fully geared for portability and compact design. The look and feel of the unit is everything it ought to be and then some. This unit is capable of vaping all types of herbals and aromatherapy products, such as oils, waxes, and of course dry herbs which is what it’s initially for. This is superior to most vaporizers as the majority of portables are not well suited for all types of concentrates or herbs. However, the Pinnacle Pro actually so happens to perfectly control every type of concentrate available.

Once we get past the fact that you have complete freedom to vape how you want and what you want with the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer, the next aspect to look at a bit closer is the startup features and how to use the unit.

When you use the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer for the very first time, the most important first step is to make sure that it is fully charged. Failing to fully charge the unit prior to using it for the first time could in fact cause it to decrease battery life really quickly on the Pinnacle Pro. Avoid this by taking time to fully charge it. However, there is only one button on the device so simply press down to make sure it is powered up and once you are reassured you can begin using it.

After you turn it on, there are five heating settings for you to choose from. If you start it on the second or third highest level it should take anywhere from 45 to 90 seconds to reach the desired temperature. Once the temperature is at its max, the next step is to pop off the top. The top was previously clear on the Classic, but this is another area where the Pinnacle has since been improved. It is now solid black which gives it a distinctively sophisticated look and feel. After you pop off the top, you have to turn it on its side to cause the herb bullet to pop out so you can load the chamber. For dry herbs, expect to only be able to infuse roughly 0.2 grams of product into the device. Once it’s loaded, simply drop the bullet back into the chamber, screw the top back on, and start vaping your heart out.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Temperature Settings

The Pinnacle Pro Portable Vaporizer has five settings to choose from. The following are the temperature settings along with the color and temperature of each one in order.

1st setting – White – 370°F (188°C)

2nd setting – Turquoise – 395°F (202°C)

3rd setting – Green – 420°F (216°C)

4th setting – Orange – 445°F (229°C)

5th setting – Purple – 470°F (243°C)


Thankfully, the Pinnacle is not too difficult to understand or use so there is not a big learning curve to go over prior to using the device. VaporBlunt did an excellent job of fortifying the device for all herbals and concentrates.

Battery Life on the Pinnacle Pro

Battery life is important in all units. Unfortunately the Pinnacle Pro leaves a bit to be desired. Its battery life is far from perfect, lasting roughly two full hours of continuous vaping. However, if and when the battery does die you can simply plug it into the wall and vape while you charge it. There are only a hand full of vaporizers on the market that allow you the opportunity to do this, and the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is one of them.

How to Clean the Pinnacle ProPinnacle Pro Vaporizer with Accessories

Cleaning the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is incredibly easy as well. All you have to do is simply remove the bullet (follow the steps outlined above for using the portable dry herb vaporizer) and use a q-tip to dab the particles out of the unit to ensure everything is clean as whistle. Doing this after every session is essential to making sure your Pinnacle performs as well as you would like for a long time to come.

The Experience

When it comes to the experience, the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer has almost every other portable dry herb vaporizer out there beat. It is clean, professional, sleek, and extremely easy to use. When it comes to factors such as taste, draw, the flexibility of concentrates and dry herbs the Pinnacle Pro is very difficult to compare. There are a few other factors that come into play with the Pinnacle Pro that enhance its overall user experience.

The heating element is also superior with the Pinnacle Pro. In fact, the Pro was crafted specifically for improving the temperature settings and customization. The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer comes with 5 temperature settings which correspond to LED color lights. The lights improve from level 1 to 5 with colors white, blue, green, orange, and purple. Obviously, this is easy to understand and easy to set.

In regards to accessories and attachments, the Pinnacle Pro offers a host of attachments and accessories for you to choose from. Hydrotubing and a plastic on glass mouthpiece contributes to produce a better vaping quality and simply better tasting vape.

If you are looking for an affordable, all material vaporizer with a seemingly acceptable battery life and high quality vapor, then the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer might just be right for you. Consider checking out this compact and powerful unit if you are in the market for a new portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer.

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