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Mighty Vaporizer Review

Mighty Vaporizer Review

The ingenious makers from Storz and Bickel bring us the Mighty Portable Vaporizer. Famous for their Volcano vaporizer, Storz and Bickel are revolutionizing the dry herb portable vaporizer market and transforming the expectations consumers hold for these devices. Powerful, sleek, and technologically advanced the Mighty Vaporizer offers everything you could want in a portable vape and then some. Digital displays, reliable inner components, and high quality vapor are the hallmark features of the Mighty Vaporizer.

How the Mighty Vaporizer Works

mighty-vaporizerPerfect for both experienced vape users and the inexperienced, the Mighty Vaporizer is quite mighty inside and out. Despite the complexity of the unit and its rather bulky design, it is crafted to be 100 percent portable and functions easily while on-the-go. Quality is never sacrificed when it comes to Storz and Bickel products, and the Mighty Vaporizer is no exception.

Mighty Vaporizers Display

A convenient and easy to find orange button on the side of the Mighty Vaporizer tells vapers where to press to turn on the device. Once you fill your vaporizer with your preferred herbals of choice, you next set the temperature to your liking and wait for the unit to reach your desired temp. A digital display and preset plus and minus buttons allow users to choose the exact temperature of the unit and as the temperature rises so do the numbers on the display.

In addition to displaying the temperature preset you prefer and the current temperature of the unit, the Mighty Vaporizer also shows how much battery power is left which enables you to keep on top of things. Overall, the Mighty is incredibly easy to use and navigate so there isn’t any real learning curve to overcome.

How to Clean the Mighty Vaporizer

Like most other vaporizers, the Mighty Vaporizer is relatively easy to clean. All you need is a few paper towels, a bit of water, q-tips or a toothpick and some rubbing alcohol. The main portions of the unit that need to be cleaned on a regular basis include the top part of the unit and the cooling chamber. However, the bottom screen in the chamber will also need to be cleansed but not so often as the top portion of the unit.

Avoid Clogging

The easiest way to avoid completely disassembling the Mighty on the regular, is to use the kit brush and use it on the inner chamber after every single use. This doesn’t take much time, and it keeps the device from clogging up.

To thoroughly clean the device you’ll need to take a part the cooling units. Fortunately, they come off quite easily and once apart you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol with cotton swaps to remove the dirt and grime. Dish soap will work just as well for cleaning if you don’t particularly like rubbing alcohol. A quick YouTube search will churn up a detailed explanation of how to disassemble and reassemble the device, or conversely you can simply take a closer look at the manual for more accurate instructions.

The single best trick for cleaning the vape is to wait until the unit cools slightly after use. While it is still warm you can easily remove the grime and thoroughly clean the Mighty Vaporizer.

Battery Life

The Mighty Vaporizer has two rechargeable lithium ion batteries powering its heating and vaping functions. Obviously, this creates a longer-lasting unit that can be easily used on-the-go. Just like any other unit or device, the higher you set your temperature the more battery power is eaten up. In contrast with similar units, the battery life on the Mighty Vaporizer is longer-lasting than other devices in relation to its temperature settings.

Battery Placement

Like the Crafty Vaporizer, the Mighty keeps its battery on the side of the unit rather than underneath the heating chamber. This nifty design enables the battery to last longer and prevents it from overheating. Conversely, this feature can be costly if and when your batteries need to be replaced as you will have to send it off to the manufacturer. You could try to replace the batteries on your own, but the design feature prohibits this from being an easy task. Thankfully the unit’s long-lasting batteries prevent frequent replacements.

Long-Lasting Battery

Overall, the Mighty Vaporizer provides an exceptionally long-lasting battery life on a powerful and well-functioning device that virtually any user will love.

Vapor Quality of the Mighty Vaporizer

One of the most outstanding features of the Mighty Vaporizer is by far its vapor quality. Storz and Bickel have found an easy way to keep vapor high quality without preventing it from thinning out too much. An open airflow design allows users to easily pull vapor from the heating chamber and out through the plastic mouthpiece. There is no need to fear the plastic component as the Mighty Vaporizer has found a way to prevent any plastic overtures or tastes from coming through. A cool and smooth vapor is the result of the Mighty’s functioning along with a high quality output. Users will find the Mighty’s vapor quality to be efficient and satisfying.

The Experience of the Mighty Vaporizer

Once you get through the high-tech design features, the long-lasting battery, and the intense high quality vapor it’s easy to see just why the Mighty Vaporizer is one of the most popular devices on the market. Some drawbacks could include the bulky design and the lack of easy-to-understand features, but in the overall sense this is an excellent choice for an at-home vaporizer. You cannot easily carry the Mighty Vaporizer with you without it peeking out of your back pocket, but it is well suited for walking around the apartment or house while vaping.

Easy to load and relatively easy to operate, the Mighty Vaporizer provides users with an enjoyable vaping experience from start to finish. In addition, the Mighty’s ability to pull the most out of concentrates and dry herbs helps users save money on their medicine without losing the quality of vape they inhale. If you are looking for high quality vapor, a long-lasting unit, and a high heating device than the Mighty Vaporizer may just be an excellent choice for you.

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