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KandyPens Miva Review

KandyPens Miva Review

The KandyPens Miva should be on your list of choices. Why? Let me give you a quick tour on the features of this top performing portable vape and give you some time to ponder whether it’s really worth your money or not.

KandyPens Miva Introduction

If you are on the lookout for a reputable brand for your next purchase of an herbal vaporizer, KandyPens must have surely captured your attention. This popular name is known for its top quality products because they make sure each unit has been carefully tested before going out in the market. In fact, with the launch of KandyPens Miva, KandyPens has ramped up production because of it’s amount of pre-orders they had gotten.

KandyPens Miva best features

Now, that you know that this vaping device has won the hearts of many vaporizer users including those individuals who loved to collect vapes, here are the best features that KandyPens Miva is proud to deliver to its new owner:

  • Fine craftsmanship

Yes, this is one of the awesome deals you will enjoy after purchasing this dry herb vape. You will surely notice the fine craftsmanship while holding it for close inspection. Its fiery finish resembles the top of the line Ferrari car model. This is why it’s regarded as high-end vape that is quite a sight because the fine craftsmanship isn’t only on the exterior, but also the interior.

  • Excellent vapor quality

A good vaporizer must deliver quality vapor and KandyPens Miva won’t let you down when it comes to the quality of vapor this device produces. So, if you have tried other vaporizers, I’m confident the Miva model will give you enjoyable vaping experience as you get a chance to use it for one of your vaping sessions. What to expect while using this vape unit? The KandyPens Miva promises only thick, tasteful and refreshing quality vapor production.

  • Comes with warranty coverage

Another true value for money when it comes to making a selection from various vape models is the lifetime warranty coverage. KandyPens Miva is guaranteed for warranty the moment you make that final purchase. So, if something goes wrong while using this vape, you have full assurance of a product replacement as long as it complies with the manufacturer’s warranty coverage policy requirements. However when we asked around, it seems like the defect rate on Kandypens is much lower than most other vapes.

  • Portability

Unlike other vaporizers sold in the marketplace that are bulky, the KandyPens can be easily carried even while traveling. With its portable feature, you can simply put it inside your pocket and have the luxury to enjoy top quality vapor anytime or anywhere you go.

  • Easy-to-use

Using the KandyPens Miva is less complicated if you will compare it with other vaporizers. This vape unit comes with a built-in packing chamber designed to load your vaping material. It has also low draw resistance, allowing a newbie vaping enthusiast easy usage.

  • Fastest heating capacity

One of the best features of KandyPens Miva is its fastest heating capacity. Expect this portable unit to produce powerful amount of within the shortest timeframe of 15 seconds. That’s indeed an impressive vaping performance from a small unit like KandyPens Miva. Aside from that, users can enjoy evenly spread heating which will help your herbs get an even heat distribution. The heating chamber is made from ceramic and lets you load up about .5 grams.

  • Accessories are inclusive

When it comes to a wise purchase, this is indeed a great deal, especially if you are looking for a starter vaping kit because the KandyPens Miva comes with inclusion of accessories like extra mouthpiece, cleaning tool, loading and USB chargers. Other vape brands sold don’t come with accessories. You need to buy them separately. Some accessories include t he aluminum grinder and the leath case.

  • Customized vaping

Among the best features that will enjoy once you buy the KandyPens Miva is its customized vaping feature. How is that possible? Well, this powerful handy vape model has data storage function where the user’s heating preference is stored, so whenever you use it for vaping, expect this unit to easily remember your desired temperature setting. The temperature setting control varies from 350°F to 430°F. This is important because every herb will have a different vaporization temperature level. While one temperature might burn your herbs, another herb won’t even get vaporized at that same temperature. The temperature is diplsayed on the digital OLED display.

  • Power supply

If you are the type of person who usually travel most of the time and can’t resist having your vaping session, then, the KandyPens Miva is the right vape model for it comes with a universal power supply of 2200mAh battery that you can charge anywhere using a mini-USB charger. It even has an automatic shut-off safety feature after 5 minutes of dormant use.

  • Reasonably priced

The cost of KandyPens Miva is reasonably priced, not too high and not too cheap. On average you can order it online for $199. This is a good deal if you will consider the above features and the fact that all vaping accessories are already included with the unit and you are covered with warranty.

I do hope the above features that KandyPens Miva has must have already shed some valuable insight why it’s a good investment. Take time comparing this vape model with other popular vaporizers and weigh where you will get the best deal. As with the facts presented, KandyPens Miva is worth a try, especially if you are a newbie vaping enthusiast and would like to enjoy effortless vaping experience.


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