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Haze Vaporizer V3

Haze Vaporizer V3 Review

Brought to consumers by Haze Technologies, the Haze Vaporizer is 100% portable and provides users with an excellent experience from beginning to end. With patented heating technology, an ability to use nearly every form of herbals available, and a long-lasting battery the Haze Vaporizer offers vape users everything they need to breathe easy with their new device. Let’s take a closer at what the Haze does and how it works.

How the Haze Vaporizer V3 Works

Described by many as an “all-in-one” vaporizer, the Haze Vaporizer uses both convection and conduction heating to produce clean and pure vapor. As a dual bowl vape, it is specifically tailored for dry herb vaping but you can in fact use it with oils and concentrates as much as you’d like thanks to the powerful heating elements included.

Inside each Haze Vaporizer are two all-purpose cans that make it easy to vape any type of herbs. There are also 4 screens included for dry herbs which is exceedingly convenient considering how often you have to clean these little guys. In addition to the screens and bowls, the Haze Vaporizer also comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This adds to the flexibility and functionality of the vape.

Once you figure out the two bowls, the Haze Vaporizer becomes a bit easier to use. You can add your dry herbs, oils, or wax to the Haze Vaporizer by opening the unit. You can then add in your herbals either by hand or with a specialized tool that comes with it. We do recommend grinding your herbs before putting them into the unit because of the limited space available. It also allows the unit to quickly turn herbs into vapor because there is a better and more even heat distribution. After it is loaded, close the unit and press on the mouthpiece cover until you see two symbols. Choose the right chamber for your preferred heating element (convection or conduction) and then turn the portable dry herb vaporizer over allowing the mouthpiece to pop out. Interestingly, doing this also turns the unit on so you can start using it.

Once it’s on you are given a choice of four different temperature settings, which means now is the time to customize your vaping experience. Once the flashing LED light turns into a solid light you’re ready to go.

How to Clean It

Cleaning the Haze Vaporizer is relatively easy considering how many components it comes with and the fact that it has double the chambers. Additionally, Haze Technologies threw in a nifty cleaning tool which makes the process much easier. The mouthpieces and the components are completely removable which motivates the average vape user to actually clean their device as often as they can.

To clean the Haze Vaporizer, simply remove all components and breakdown your mouthpieces. Place them to the side and use the cleaning tool provided to completely remove any debris or dirt that has built up inside of the chamber. Afterwards, use a q-tip dipped a bit in alcohol to clean the interior components and soak the screens completely in alcohol to achieve a complete clean.

Let your device and all pieces completely dry before you reattach and begin using your Haze Vaporizer once again.

Unique Heating System

Haze Dual Vaporizer V3 Review PartsOne of the best aspects of the Haze Vaporizer is its unique heating elements. Although the device is incredibly compact, it features the only dual bowl on the market. This means that you can vape both oils and dry herbs at the same time without stopping to refill the unit. It does so by using a conduction and convection heating element.

Dual Heating

The Haze Vaporizer pulls air from the outside into the chamber. Once there, it is sent out through the exits which cools the air while at the same time preheating the air entering the device which conserves battery life and produces an amazing vaping experience. Most users will find that the convection conduction heating exchange system heats up oils and dry herbs within 60 seconds of being turned on, which is quite quick considering the dual purpose it serves.

Temperature Control Setting

In regards to temperature settings, the Haze Vaporizer offers four options to choose from which are 365 degrees Fahrenheit, 380 degrees, 395 degrees, and 420 degrees. We recommend the highest temp simply because it produces a higher quality output than lower temps and it works more quickly than at lower temperatures.

Vapor Quality

The Haze Vaporizer focuses on offering vapers a smooth and cool vaping experience from start to finish. Thanks to stainless steel cans and medical-grade silicone components, the Haze Vaporizer doesn’t fall short when it comes to taste and vape quality. For those who opt for an e-liquid or flavored oil, the Haze Vaporizer does a good job of remaining true to the original flavor. The patented heating elements leave you with a cool and smooth taste.

The Experience

The Haze Vaporizer from Haze Technologies is by far one of the most dynamic, powerful, and eccentric devices in the industry. It doesn’t pull punches when it comes to superiority and offers much in the way of options. From the unique temperature settings to its rechargeable batteries and dual bowl system, the Haze Vaporizer is an excellent choice for vape users who prefer a bit of flexibility and some seriously amazing features. The all-purpose cans that can hold oil, wax, dry herbs, and liquids make it perfect for vape users who simply cannot make up their minds about which herbs they prefer and gives an added selling feature for the manufactures.

The average heat up time for the Haze Vaporizer is 60 seconds and the rechargeable battery will get you around 1.5 hours of continuous use. This contributes to an already feature packed device. The Haze’s small body makes portability much easier and its superior temperature settings are clearly defined. Anyone hoping to experience full and flavorful vapor along with a wholly unique vaping experience should take a good hard look at the Haze Vaporizer.

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