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Haze Vaporizer Tips and Tricks

The Haze Vaporizer is the most customizable vaping experience on the market right now, but it is kind of tricky to master. There are a couple of ways to make this vaporizer work for you, we’ve compiled this list of tips to you can experience the awesomeness of this multi-chamber wax, liquid and dry herb compatible vaporizer.

This tip can actually be used for any convection vape. It is an amazing way to get the most out of your buds while also placing less stress on your unit’s heating mechanics.

Low and Slow on the Draw

The Haze is a convection style vaporizer, so the faster the draw the less you allow the heated air to vape your botanicals. Long, slow draws will create an all-around better vaping experience. When you take a draw you also cool down the chamber, causing the piece to need to heat up again. With slow long hits you cool the chamber less and create a shorter preheating time period.

Choose Your Mouthpiece Wisely

Each unit comes with two types of mouthpieces, glass and stainless steel. The choice is important as glass is less of a heat conductor than stainless steel. The steel can get hot, which wouldn’t be pleasing. But it can also heat up your vapor and decrease the vaporizing experience.

Grab the glass mouthpiece when faced with a choice. Not only will it not conduct the heat but glass also cools the vapors. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer also uses the glass mouthpiece for inhalation method. The the benefit for using the stainless steel mouthpiece is that it’s more durable than the glass and a great choice to have around when needed. Keep the stainless steel around, but always go for glass if you can.

Know Your Basket

You are faced with a choice of basket to insert in the chamber of your Haze Tech. There are two conduction and two convection style baskets in each package. To choose the right one you first have to decide what you want to vaporize. Each Haze has two chambers that you can operate together. The conduction baskets are great for wax and concentrates, while the convection baskets are better for dry herbs.

If you have knowledge of which baskets work best for what products, you’ll be able to personalize your vape experience in awesome ways. Choose two convection baskets and have one Indica and one Sativa. Or put dry herbs in one with a convection while the other has wax in a conduction basket. Learn about the mechanism and you can customize your vapors finitely, a fabulous benefit of vaping with Haze.

Final Notes on the Haze Vape

Aside from these tricks to master your vape there are some little tips on the basics of the piece. First you have to snap the wall off with a little gusto, don’t worry, you won’t break it. Also get used to how the buttons work so that you don’t end up vaping your Indica in a Sativa moment! With all of these tools in your belt, you will surely love vaping with your Haze Vaporizer.

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