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G Pen Pro Review – Two Steps Above its Predecessor

g pen pro standing up with box

The G Pen Pro is the latest product by Grenco Science for vaping dried herbs. It’s a more concise version of the G Pen Elite Vaporizer and has just a few distinctions; it retails for about $100.

This vaping pen features an easy-to-use interface, a built-in battery, a ceramic oven with three heat levels that fit a substantial amount of herbs for a single person making it suitable for a range of users, from medical to recreational users.


G Pen Pro Design and Features

g pen pro vaporizer in handBefore we begin, the box itself is very nice. Looking like a high quality brand name cologne box. It’s very nice and better than the old squared boxes. The G Pen Pro is equipped with a micro USB port at the bottom. They also got it simplified to a  one-button interface with LEDs to display temperature settings. It also has a ceramic oven with holes for air intake which allows air into the furnace and then to the mouthpiece. The G Pen Pro has a sleek finishing; it’s well balanced and comfortable to hold.

Ergonomic design

One of the unique features of the G Pen Pro is its ergonomic design aimed at elegance, from its built to its functioning capabilities. The elegant design of this vaping tool explains why persons who have used it have considered it an ideal mobile vaporizer. The G Pen Pro’s mouthpiece is made out of a top-grade rubber material that is smaller and flatter thus allowing improved airflow.


A major distinguishing feature of the G Pen Pro is its battery. The battery is durable enough to deliver fast and high-quality heating. The Battery has a 1300 mAh capacity built inside the unit. The G Pro fully charges in two to three hour, with about fifty minutes of continuous use. However, the durability of this vaporizer is calculated by the temperature level used during that specific period.

The battery has an automatic turn-off feature. The automatic turn-off feature turns the device off after it is left unused for three minutes. The automatic turn-off feature is a notable one as it saves the battery’s power and prevents wastage of dried herbs.

LED light display

G Pen Pro dry herb vaporizer has LED light that displays the three (3) color codes that signify three heat settings; low, medium and high. The LED lights also serve as a form of indicator to notify users on how much battery power is left.


Performance and Vapor Quality of the G Pen Pro

g pen pro chamberVapor quality is the most critical part of any vaporizer. The new G Pen Pro heats up quickly, especially on the lower of the three (3) temperature option and produces a nice amount vapor which is an improvement over the original pen. Even though the smoke vapor is better, it’s still not great as the flavor is good when exhaled initially, but the quality drops off fast.  The draw resistance is low. Thus, pulling through the G Pen is more natural, but when the oven chamber is packed full, the draw resistance becomes high, which is the case for almost all portable dry herb vaporizers

The total vapor production is on the average. Do not expect to get a lot of visible vapor, but it’s enough to basically get the job of vapor production done, although it cannot be compared to other vaporizers with glass mouthpieces.


The G Pen Pro is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the removable screen in the mouthpiece and the stainless steel heating chamber that can be easily swabbed with alcohol to clean it.

The chamber, on the other hand, is not so easy to clean, especially if you leave herb residue or leftover in it for some days.


G Pen Pro Functionality

One can easily operate the G Pen Pro by clicking the single-button control. Press the power button five times to turn it on. Also, press the same button for a few more seconds to change the temperature.

The G Pen Pro has three (3) temperature settings – the blue light is the lowest of the three settings at 375f (190c), the green light is the medium heat setting at 400f (204c), while the red light is the highest heat setting at 428f (220c).

Also, there is an instruction manual attached to this vaporizer; the instructions are simple, easy to read and understand, the instructions are written in different such as German, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

g pen pro box front



The G Pen Pro works very well for its size. The pen is quick to heat up and produces an average amount of vapor. Here are some of the pros of owning this vape pen    

  • Portable size
  • One-button functionality
  • Rapid, consistent heating
  • 45-60 minutes of continuous use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Three (3) temperature settings
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Strong built-in  battery


  • Although the 0.2g oven capacity is quite functional, experienced users might find it too small.
  • Heating chamber close to the mouthpiece
  • Plastic elements inside it might affect the taste
  • Long hours for charging the battery
  • Portability – the unusual shape might not appeal to everyone.


g pen pro box back


The G Pen Pro is, overall, a sleek vaporizer that is efficient and elegant but lacks performance in taste and vapor production when compared to other vapes at its price range. Some aspects of this device need improvement, and these shortcomings make it impossible to rank the G  Pen Pro in the top performer’s category. However, the G Pen Pro passed the basic test for similar devices and will appeal to a lot of people.

This device has high-temperature flexibility and is easy to use, load and clean. It is an excellent device for beginners with an appealing design. The G Pen Pro is also portable and can be carried about daily.

G Pen Pro is suitable for both medical and recreational users because of its ease of use and ability to effectively mitigate pain. However,  for those who put stock in vapor, G Pen Pro might disappoint.

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