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Firefly Vaporizer Review

Firefly Vaporizer Review

Vaporizers come in virtually all shapes and sizes today. Some are specifically designed to be sat on top of your desk, some are perfect for portable on-the-go vaping, and others function well for both purposes. However, all high quality vapes have a few core elements in common: they heat up quickly, function well in all climates and produce wonderful vapor quality.

Today, we are taking a look at the Firefly Vaporizer. This impeccable piece is completely portable and comes with a host of features that are sure to please even the most difficult amongst us. As vaporizers continue to progress in their ingenuity and technological advancement, more of us vapers are expecting to see some seriously cool features, and the Firefly does not disappoint. Check out how the Firefly works and some of its more complicated features.

How it Works

The Firefly Vaporizer is durable, feels great in your hands, and creates some of the highest quality vapor that we have personally seen or experienced before. The Firefly comes with its very own portable vaporizer carrying case, which is convenient and an added bonus from the manufacturer, and is incredibly lightweight. Despite its seemingly sci-fi like nature, the Firefly Vaporizer is fairly easy to figure out.

Double Magnet Lid

Silver-Firefly-Vaporizer-Chamber-Open-ReviewTo use the Firefly Vaporizer, simply remove the double magnet lid (we will get into that a bit later) and load the chamber with up to 0.1 gram of your favorite herbals. Like most portable dry herb vaporizers, make sure your herbs are ground up. The chamber is crafted from high-end borosilicate glass which helps with the high quality vapor we were talking about earlier. After the chamber is loaded, close the lid down and turn on the power button.

The double magnet lid is superior in every manner and function to that of other devices. It is not only state of the art, but it also seals the herbal chamber from interference with outside air. This is a huge plus considering the unit uses high-end heating elements to get the vapor up to par. However, it can be a drawback at first as you struggle to pry the unit open and load it. Once you get the hang of this feature, though, you should not have any trouble using or loading the device.


Firefly-Vaporizer-Review-GuideBefore you began pulling deep and fast inhales from the device, give it a second to heat up properly. Literally let it heat up for a few seconds depending on your temperature preference. The Firefly Vaporizer is incredibly fast at heating up, a point we will touch on in greater detail later on. It has an instant heating which conserves your herbs and takes 10 seconds to reach maximum temperature of 400°F.

Once you turn on the device, you should see a green light on the unit. Press and hold the button to ensure it turns on all the way. An orange ominous glow should fill the glass chamber indicating that your vapor is ready for your enjoyment. Draw slowly (we mean slowly) to inhale the delicious vapor that’s waiting for you inside the chamber. Relax, and enjoy.

Easy to use, easy to figure out, and easy on the mind. The Firefly Vaporizer is by far one of the best and easiest portable dry herb vaporizers to use on the market.

How to Clean It

Cleaning the Firefly Vaporizer is just as simple as using it. The magnetic lid we referred to earlier makes cleaning a serious breeze. All you have to do is remove the lid and do the dirty work. With each order is included in every unit is a cleaning kit specifically designed for the Firefly Vaporizer. All you have to do is use the provided tools to create a shiny, brand new unit that is perfect for high quality vaping. It’s best to clean the device as frequently as you use it, since the design does lend itself to a clog prone chamber. However, if you keep up with a regular cleaning schedule you should have no issues with the Firefly Vaporizer in the long-term.

The Experience

Everybody wants to know what the experience is like with the Firefly Vaporizer. We do not blame you. This high-end, high powered, and high performing unit has everything you need to vape high quality vapor on the go. The heating element, unique glass bowl chamber, and the high powered charge are enough to put the Firefly up with the best of them. If you are thinking about purchasing the Firefly Vaporizer, here are a few more reasons you might want to.

The Firefly’s heating element is superb. We already briefly mentioned how quickly it heats up to the proper temperatures, but have not gone into details yet. For starters, there is no temperature control on the unit. This is not a good thing considering how expensive this portable dry herb vape really is. A stainless steel plate is all that stands between high quality vape and overheating, so be careful when loading your chamber. However, once you get past that little quibble, the heating element does a good job of reaching the proper temperature and produces a high quality vapor that is sure to please. Using a convection style heating element, the Firefly Vaporizer does not burn or combust your herbs. Instead, it uses high heat intensity to ‘warm up’ herbs to vaporizer them fully.


After you’ve figured out what you are dealing with in regards to the heating element, the next feature we are particularly fond of is the battery. As is the case with nearly all portable units, the Firefly comes with a rechargeable battery. Thanks to its compact battery, the Firefly Vaporizer charges to completion within just 45 minutes. This is fast, convenient, and powerful considering other devices require hours to properly charge. The battery is also removable, so should you run into any problems or hiccups down the line all you will need to do is buy a new battery.

As far as ratings are concerned, the Firefly Vaporizer excels at battery life and pure vapor quality. But it does lack in the temperature control setting department. You cannot exactly control what temperature you want the portable dry herb vaporizer to reach. However, in general this device is superior to most other portable vapes on the market. Portability and functionality are at an all-time high with the Firefly Vaporizer, so sit back, relax and enjoy this powerful compact and portable dry herb vaporizer.

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