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Dry Herb Vaporizers for Beginners

Vaporizing is much healthier than traditional smoking, but the learning curve can be a bit intense for a vaping novice. There are some dry herb vapes that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone outside of an expert vaper, but other units are specially crafted for a beginner vape connoisseur without compromising vapor quality. This list compiles the best 5 dry herb vaporizers for a complete beginner that is interested in vaping. Whether the piece is conduction or convection, it is healthier to pick up a vaporizer instead of the pipe, joint or bong. In this list you’ll find portable dry herb vapes, desktop vapes and a pen style vaporizer that would be ideal for beginner vapers.

● Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer

The Storz & Bickel Volcano is manufactured in Germany with amazingly high quality manufacturing materials. Using the high tech piece of machinery is simple, it sits on a tabletop and operates when plugged into the wall. The Volcano vaporizer is bag style so it blows up a bag filled with vapor using a forced air/dry herb chamber combination. The completely convection style vaporizer creates a delicious vapor that can be thickened to the vapers liking by simply twisting the temperature setting knob to a higher setting. This is a great vape for a beginner because the quality of vapor is so great and it is easy to use.

● KandyPens Skycloud Vaporizer

The SkyCloud vape from KandyPens is portable, far more portable than the Volcano. The internal battery keeps the vape operating while out and about, a great addition for a beginner who can’t vape in the house. A KandyPens portable dry herb vaporizer is super easy to use with complete 1 button functionality to control the piece. One major draw of the vape pen is that it not only comes with a dry herb chamber but also a chamber suitable for oil and one for concentrates. The pen is small enough to fit into anyone’s pocket and create a vapor that tastes just like the materials inside of the chamber. I like this piece for a beginner because it contains every type of vape pen controlled by 1 button in 1 unit.

● Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer

This is another vaporizer that is desktop capable only. Da Buddha vaporizer comes in a black and silver shell with a whip style vaporizer. The ceramic heating element protrudes out of the top of the vaporizer with an attached glass joint that connects the heat to the whip. After packing herbs into the whip, simply place the whip into the joint and inhale. The dial located on the front of the unit will turn the temperature up and down as the session goes on. I love this desktop vape for beginners because it’s easy to use. Also the customer service team at Da Buddha vape is amazing, they are quick to answer any query and to help out when in need of replacements. This is a great desktop option for a beginner who isn’t looking to spend the big bucks on a Volcano vape.

● Pax Portable Vaporizer

The original Pax vaporizer changed the world of portable dry herb vaporizing. Since that day there has been a second generation Pax released. The Pax 2 fixes some issues from the first edition, but those issues weren’t anything compared to how it operated. This unit is small, lightweight and easy to use. Now that there is a second edition Pax, the first ones are less expensive. For this reason and because it’s so easy to use; this is a perfect portable vaporizer for beginners.

● Ago G5 Herb Vape Pen

Getting familiar with the Ago G5 vape pen for dry herbs is a good idea for anyone interested in vaporizing. This piece is the perfect example of a beginner pen, but it doesn’t offer true convection vaporization. The pen is hyper portable and also controlled using only one button on the front of the piece. It is a great idea for beginners because it is a good starting point in vaporizing technology. The Ago G5 is a good piece that delivers some good vapor, but it doesn’t have technology that matches that of the Pax or the SkyCloud vape. This is the absolutely beginner starting point vaporizer. It’s perfect for all beginners.

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