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Crafty Vaporizer Review

crafty vaporizer review

Storz and Bickel has paved the way for the vaporizer market and set the standard for most stand-alone units on the market. Until recently, however, they lacked in the portable vaporizer department with their Volcano vaporizer being the leading dry herb vaporizer. Thanks to their latest addition the “Crafty Vaporizer”, they now offer their loyal fan-base a powerful and completely portable vaporizer that is sleek in design and easy to use. Let’s take a closer look at the Crafty and uncover how it works as well as the overall experience users get while taking it on-the-go. Let’s just say this is probably my favorite dry herb portable vaporizer.

How the Crafty Vaporizer Works

Crafty Vaporizer Smartphone App ReviewSimplistic, efficient, and advanced, this portable vape offers much in the way of design and functionality. With a single button positioned on the top of the unit to turn it on and off, the Crafty doesn’t have an airplane cockpit full of buttons and gadgets that ultimately confuse users. Once a user presses the power button, the Crafty heats up to the base temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Most users find it takes around 2 solid minutes before the unit actually heats up to the appropriate temperature.

Boost Mode

If you want a hotter temperature, you can press the button twice in succession and the Crafty will heat up to nearly 401 degrees Fahrenheit. Once again, patience is in order as it takes an additional minute or two before the unit actually reaches that desired temp. Both temperature settings are preset by the manufacturer and can be manipulated by using the Crafty App for your Smartphone or iOS unit. There, users can adjust the temperature and discover additional features such as the amount of charge left on the battery and so forth.  Once the unit reaches the desired temp it will vibrate to let you know it is ready to be used.

Medium Grind Level Herbs

For those using dry herbs with the unit, the Crafty can hold up to around .2 of a gram unless your herbs are extremely fine in which case you may be able to get the unit to hold around .3 of gram. However, it’s best to be careful about over packing the device as it could cause it to malfunction. Also make sure your herbs are not too fine. You want to make sure it is a medium grind level to ensure it does not go through the mouthpiece yet it vaporizes all around the herb. It can also help with the dry herb vaporizer not clogging.

In regards to the fundamentals of the unit, the Crafty Vaporizer uses a true convection chamber which creates the heat and high quality vapor that vapers love so much. The battery is also located to the side of the heating chamber which is in contrast with many other vaporizers on the market. Fortunately, this is a superior design feature and does in fact enhance the functionality of the unit in its totality. In general, the Crafty Vaporizer is easy to use and never gets too complicated wherein it would be difficult to figure precisely how to use it.

How to Clean the Crafty Vaporizer

In order to keep your unit functioning well for years to come, you must keep it clean and well maintained. There are a few ways you can do this with the Crafty Vaporizer. After each vaping session, it is best to take a brush to the inside of the Crafty Vaporizer. Use the brush that comes with the unit and wipe out the chamber from the inside. Doing so will also remove any debris or herbs from the upper screen which keeps the unit from clogging. You may also need to remove the detachable upper portion of the Crafty and clean it every so often to ensure pure vapor.

Isopropyl Alcohol with a Q-tip

If you are looking for a more detailed clean, the Crafty does indeed come a part in tinier pieces which enables you to completely remove any dirt or grime from inside. In general, all you need to clean the unit is a bit of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Of course, be careful about how much alcohol you use to clean the unit and be sure and use a dampened rag or paper towel more than the rubbing alcohol to remove the debris. Warm soapy water will also do the trick if you prefer. Cleaning the Crafty Vaporizer is fairly easy and putting the unit back together is also easy to do, so there should be no excuse for not cleaning the Crafty on a regular basis.

Battery Life on the Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty Vaporizer, like many others portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today, is powered up by a lithium-ion battery which is easily charged through a USB charger. A fully charged Crafty Vaporizer can last up to 1.5 hours of continuous use. A nifty auto shut-off feature prevents the battery from draining while not in use. Thankfully, the makers of the Crafty Vaporizer separated the heating chamber and the battery which also increases the amount of time that the battery lasts during use. It also increases the life of the battery on the whole, which users will no doubt thoroughly enjoy as their ownership of the device reaches months or years down the road.

The Experience of the Crafty Vaporizer

Instead of focusing on providing users with a sleek design that barely works, the Crafty Vaporizer focuses on function over form. Thanks to the way the Crafty was created, it produces incredibly high quality vapor that tastes amazing and produces a delectable experience through-and-through. It is clear that Storz and Bickel wanted to create a superior vaporizer in portable form, and they’ve done very well indeed.

The size and portability of the Crafty Vaporizer is equally as important and also lends itself for better on-the-go vaping. Anyone who enjoys a high quality vaping experience but has yet to find the perfect vaporizer for their needs would do well to take a look at the Crafty. The unit will fit discreetly and easily into your back pocket or purse and isn’t the typical design for vaporizers. It’s user-friendly nature and its ability to switch between dry herbs and concentrates makes it perfect for vape users who prefer a bit of diversity in their routine.

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