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Boundless CF Review

As we come across to a wide range of dry herb vaporizers, another impressive model which is gaining popularity is the Boundless CF vaporizer, manufactured by Boundless Technologies. If you are a beginner and would like to get the most of your favorite dry plant materials, this might be the right vaporizer for you. So, before you get too excited making that purchase, let’s first check its features.

Introduction to Boundless CF

Boundless CF is classified as a portable, convection type vaporizer, ideal for dry herbs. It means it won’t burn your herbs like some vape pens do. This unit is built with a digital temperature setting control that can easily heat up within 30 seconds. It comes with heat retention rings composed of 1 quartz ring and 3 wood rings.

What can be found inside the box?

Apart from the Boundless CF vaporizer itself, the following items can be found inside the box:

  • Customer manual guide
  • Micro USB charger
  • Chamber tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Replacement screens
  • Replacement rubber bands
  • Tool for disassembling the chamber
  • 1 Quarts ring
  • 3 wooden rings
  • Loading ring


Features of the Boundless CF


The overall design of the Boundless CF resembles other portable vaporizers from Boundless Technologies like the CF and CFX. You will find on the side of the Boundless CF vaporizer the power button, display, and charging unit. The chamber is located under the mouthpiece that you can easily expose with a half turn. As mentioned, the Boundless CF vaporizer is a convection model, so expect the heat to come outside the chamber and it passes to the herb materials and then heat up.

Physical Built

From the outside appearance, the Boundless CF vaporizer has a quality build with its rubber made finish, giving a first time user that much needed grip. Perhaps, the only concern is that Boundless CF is mostly made of plastic which isn’t quite impressive because plastic material is prone to cracks or chips when accidentally dropped. So this is an issue for those vaping enthusiasts who want their vaporizers to provide long-term service. Overall we haven’t seen or heard any of that happening with this unit.

Battery Usage

Boundless CF vaporizer is a bit smaller that the CFX and with shorter battery life. The average use of this vaporizer model is approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Charging cycle will require at least 2 to 3 hours before you can use it. You can’t use this vaporizer while charging, making it a nuisance if you are caught up in the middle of a vaping session.


If you will compare it with other available portable vaporizers, the Boundless CF is quite smaller with a height of 1.5 inches and diameter of 0.5 inches making it very handy. In fact, you can easily slip it inside your pocket, wallet or bag and bring it along anywhere you go without having to worry that it’s consuming too much space. The only downside is the inconvenience of having to stir the bowl every two or three draws, similar to the Firefly convection vaporizer. The Boundless CF vaporizer doesn’t have a built-in stirring tool, so you will need to carry along a separate stirring tool in order to use this convection unit efficiently.


The Boundless CF vaporizer is easy to operate with its existing temperature setting. You just need to do five clicks in order to turn it on and two clicks to get your desired temperature setting. Once the unit reaches the set temperature, the display will show the vapor sign along with the temperature.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of Boundless CF vaporizer is quite similar to Boundless CFX due to their identical heating chamber structure. This vaping unit produces thin vapor and allows the user to experience distinct flavors from their herbs. Don’t attempt to select the highest temperature setting when using the Boundless CF because the quality of vapor will be a bit harsh and lose the herb’s distinct flavorful taste for most dry herbs. The mouthpiece of Boundless CF is made of plastic and this greatly affects the flavor and quality of vapor produced.

Overall experience

The Boundless CF vaporizer, though not as durable as with other portable vaporizers is a dependable vaping device when it comes to producing quality vapor. When using it initially, expect the taste of plastic to go along while you puff, but it will eventually fade off after several uses. The Boundless CF vaporizer can also produce the cloudy vapor you want to achieve.

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