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Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review Parts

When hearing the word dry herb vaporizers, most people think of balloon-style or whip-style vaporizers like the Volcano Vaporizer and the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are normally thought of as inferior vaporizers, but lately, there has been great progress made in vaporization technology for portable dry herb vaporizers. The most popular portable vaporizer currently on the market is the Arizer Solo Vaporizer.

How the Arizer Solo Vaporizer Works

The Canadian company Arizer has made one of the most efficient whip-style vaporizers in the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer. Their Extreme Q Vaporizer has even proven to be a cost-effective answer to the German’s Volcano Vaporizer. Some believe it is their portable vape, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer that is the company’s greatest achievement.

Arizer Solo Temperature Control Settings

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is not exactly discreet but that doesn’t matter when a device delivers a draw like the Solo. The original Arizer Solo Vaporizer released in 2011 had a ceramic oven but most users prefer the stainless steel herbal chamber that is found in more modern Solo devices. Some rare users insist that their vapor tastes better in the old ceramic design. It is one of the vaporizers on the market that allows a user to determine the temperature they would like to vape. It boasts seven different temperatures in all which is quite impressive for a dry herb vaporizer that came out in 2011. This is an enormous advantage over other portable dry herb vapes. All it takes is a simple push of a button or two to get the best temperature for the specific herbs you using. It is advised not to grind the material too fine. Otherwise, the material can be sucked through the stem. Always make sure your herbs are well ground though. This will definitely help the herb get even heat distribution.

Sleek and Attractive Body

Arizer Solo Vaporizer ReviewThe Arizer Solo Vaporizer looks almost like an electric razor, but that’s not quite fair since the Solo is actually rather sleek and attractive. The flashy LED lights also make for a nice touch, but rather than just being there for looks, they read the user the current battery life left in the device. The Solo’s battery can last up to 90 minutes of use. Although it can take up to two hours to charge the device, the Solo has one of the longest battery life among portable dry herb vaporizers. With the use of a power adapter, it is possible to use the Arizer Solo Vaporizer while it is charging. The Arizer Solo’s almost futuristic design might get some strange looks but within years, it’s quite possible that everyone will be using the Arizer Solo.

How to Use the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Using an Arizer Solo Vaporizer is rather simple. One simply needs to place their ground up herbs into the glass stem and down into the heating chamber. Once they’ve done that, the user chooses their preferred temperature. A lot of users recommend vaping on the 5 or 6 setting to get the best results. The user merely needs to hold down the up and down buttons to turn the device on and it has an automatic off feature built into the device that turns it off after twelve minutes which can prove to be quite pesky for some users. The Arizer Solo should not take any longer than two minutes to heat.

Mouthpiece of the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The glass stem makes for a great tasting vape, but the stem that comes with the device has been said to block the air flow. That’s why many suggest investing in another glass stem that better fits their needs. There’s a lot of these available on-line and finding the right one can be a lot of fun. Most users are going to find that the right stem will be less difficult to receive a draw and some of them don’t even need a screen. Some of them might have problems fitting onto the Solo, but there are usually rings and whatnot that can help attach the stems properly. Everyone almost always agrees that vapor tastes better coming from glass. Remember that caution is always advised when handling glass. It can take a little heating for a mouthpiece to fit into the unit.

Convection Style Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo also uses convection to heat its herbs which reduces the chances of combustion. This is why many users suggest the old ceramic element makes for a better vaping experience but the stainless steel element on new Solo models still work on the convection principles which make for a much cleaner, tastier vapor than most. It doesn’t hurt that Arizer as a company has almost perfected the science of convection.

The Solo does not come with a case, but there are cases available. Due to the fact that the Solo is not exactly pocket-friendly, it is advised that anyone intending to take the Solo with them invest in one of these cases in order to take the best care of their device.

How to Clean the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

As far as cleaning goes, the Solo is very hassle-free. For best results, soak the glass stem in alcohol overnight. If you wish to clean the case, then make sure the device is unplugged from the charger and then clean it with a damp cloth. Never attempt any internal cleaning and if there seems to be a problem with the device internally, notify the company from which you purchased the unit. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer comes with a two year warranty. The heating element on the Solo dry herb vape, like many of the heating elements in Arizer products, is backed by a lifetime. That’s just how strongly they believe in their product there in Canada.

The Experience

There are some drawbacks to the Arizer Solo like the glass stem that comes with the device and that you can’t use the device while it’s charging without purchasing some attachments. It’s also not exactly the easiest device to carry around normally requiring a carrying case. The glass stems do have a tendency to be rather fragile and the screens for them have to be purchased separately. However, none of that stops the Arizer Solo Vaporizer from remaining one of the best portable dry herb vaporizer out there. From the temperature settings to the incredible draw on it, the Arizer Solo is truly a work of art in terms of its design and performance. There’s not too many portable vapes that really comes close so it’s really not a question when looking around for a reliable portable device even if some attachments should be purchased as well.

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