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6 Tips to Help Get Better Quality Dry Herb Vapor

Regardless of the vaporizer you are using, whether it is a portable dry herb vape or a desktop dry herb vaporizer, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are getting better quality dry herb vapor. It does not always matter from the vaporizer whether it is a high end portable vaporizer or a regular desktop vape, you still need to follow a few steps and tips to keep the vapor quality at top.

There are specific key elements that go along with vaporizing dry herbs, some things can be tweaked to create the highest quality vapor. With dry herbs it can be tricky to get a cost efficient portable vaporizer that will deliver delicious vapors instead of burnt tasting ones. Pay attention to these 7 things compiled here in this list and you can ensure your dry herb vape gives you the most delightful of pulls.

Ground up quality dry herbs1.   Use Ground up Herbs

You always want to make sure your dry herbs, whether it is lavender or nettles, are ground up finely because of the even heat distribution it gets. This can go hand in hand with not over packing your herbal chamber due to the even heat distribution. Using ground up herbs also helps the small fine herbs get vaporized much quicker. You can use a grinder to do this but there are only so much a grinder can do so it can help to break it down with your fingers too. Sometimes it can be helpful to make sure your herbs dry out well before you grind them up.

2.   Make Sure You Use Dry Herbs

Using dry herbs helps because dry material vaporize much quicker. When it is not dry, the vaporizer will need to vaporize it longer or on a higher temperature setting to make sure it reaches its vaporization temperature. Leaving it vaporize too long or on high temperature can run the risk of combustion which is pretty much considered smoking. It is also said that the drier your herbs are, the tastier your dry herb vapor will be since the taste has been soaked in it for a while. When you grind up your herbs, leave it on a paper so it soaks up your herbs.

3.   Never Over Pack your Herbs

Over packing your herbs is a major negative that many people do thinking they will get more quality dry herb vapor along with bigger hits from your dry herb vaporizer. This is very incorrect because not all of your herbs that you pack will heat up and if they do, they do not heat up evenly or efficiently to create the most amount of quality dry herb vapor from them. Usually a good rule of thumb is to fill up to ¼ to ½ of the dry herb chamber.

4.   Stir Up Your Dry Herb Chamber

Every chamber is going to be different from shape and size but it is usually big enough to stir the dry herbs around. Stirring is a good when you have taken a couple of hits and want to have an even heat distribution, so more of the herbs will get heated properly. You can also do it when you realize your herbs are started to taste very dull or burnt. This is also another reason why your dry herbs broken down finely have is a good idea, so it can be mixed around easier.

Dry Herb Heating Element

In my opinion the best way to get a delicious hit from a dry herb chamber is to make sure that you’re using a convection style vaporizer. There are mostly conduction style vapes that come with chambers made with different materials. Conduction chambers can range from stainless steel to ceramic.
However, the only true vaporization is that which applies absolutely no heat directly on the herbs. Instead of putting the herbs into a heated chamber you’ll generally work with a basket of some kind that allows the heated air to run over the ground up herbs. Convection style is the only true vaporization, but it generally costs a bit more. If you must vape with conduction style heating, try to avoid using anything with heated metal directly applied to the herbs. If it is a vape pen, you can most probably use a honeycomb glass screen for it. It helps the dry herb not sit directly on the coil so you don’t get a burnt or charred ash.

Crafty Vaporizer Smartphone App Review5.   Temperature Control Setting Dry Herb Vaporizer

Many vaporizers and individual batteries come with temperature settings. Having the ability to change between temperatures allows you to find the most optimal temperature available for quality dry herb vapor. Generally you’ll want to vape dry herbs at a higher temperature than, say, wax or oils. Having a battery that allows you to change the temperature will allow you to get the best quality of vapor from dry herbs. You can also switch between temperatures to alternate the cannabinoids that you’re activating.

This can be a crucial element, especially in the beginning. Having the right temperature for your herbs is good to know so you can produce tasty dry herb vapor. Too low of a temperature level and you are not vaporizing your herbs enough. Too high of a temperature level and your herbs are combusting and burning. You can even change it midway from a higher temperature to get it started quicker then lower it so you have efficient quality dry herb vapor. It is also good because not all herbs vaporize at the same temperature so you can change it around to get different vapor flavor and quality. Tobacco will vaporize at a slightly lower temperature.

6.   Keep Your Dry Herb Chamber Clean

Keeping your dry herb chamber clean is very important because of the gunk build up your herbs can create. They leave a thick black residue that gets harder the more it cools so cleaning it quick after you empty your chamber will be ideal. Depending on your dry herb vaporizer, it should come with a cleaning brush to help you brush out the chamber between each time you load it. If it is a portable dry herb vape pen then make sure to brush it lightly to avoid breaking contact of any heating element coils.

Arizer Air Vaporizer ReviewsVapor Pathway

Vaporizer companies offer different air pathways that are made from varying materials. Based on cost and efficiency, there are three main options for materials of air pathways. Certain pathways will last for a longer amount of time and some will cool the vapor down for a more pleasant draw.

Glass Vapor Pathways: I prefer glass to all other materials. It doesn’t get too hot on the mouth and it also cools down the vapor to a pleasing extent. It is also far easier to clean than plastic.

Stainless Steel: This one is better than some as far as degradation of the materials goes. However stainless steel is a really strong conductor of heat, which can burn your lips. The sensitive user should stay away from stainless steel.

Plastic Vapor Pathway: Of all materials this is our least favorite air pathway. The plastic doesn’t cool the vapor much at all. Also the plastic will degrade from being close to heat during use. You have to be careful cleaning plastics, if you use alcohol it can release harmful plastics into your mouth when hitting. Since you can’t clean it thoroughly there will be some resin staining. There might also leave a taste after you have finished taking a draw.

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